The Power of Sign Language: Audio recording and text transcription now available

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Click here for audio-recording of the event

Click here to download a text transcription of the event

About the seminar:

“15 and learning to speak” follows the inspirational work of the sign language teachers transforming the lives of deaf children and adults in Uganda who have never been able to communicate until now.

Children who are deaf or hearing impaired in many countries do not have access to sign language, leading to social isolation and limited opportunities, and also increasing vulnerability to violence and abuse.

Join us to watch the film, introduced by Diane Kingston (OBE) and followed by a Panel Q&A session with the film’s reporter Kiki King and ICED’s Maria Zuurmond (Research Fellow in Adolescent Health/Child Disability). There will be a drinks reception after the seminar.

About the Speakers:

Diane Kingston OBE (formerly Diane Mulligan) is a UK-based disability rights campaigner. She is Deputy Director of the International Advocacy and Alliances department at CBM, an international Christian development organisation committed to improving the quality of life of people with disabilities in poor communities. In 2012 she became the UK elected member of the Expert Committee for the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD)

Kiki King is a British-Venezuelan journalist and broadcaster. She spent many years as a tabloid newspaper reporter, gossip columnist and diarist working at the Mail on Sunday, Daily Mirror and the Daily Telegraph. She has also written for the Observer, Sunday Mirror, Grazia, Evening Standard and Daily Mail among others and regularly appeared on BBC, Sky News, CNN and Channel 4 news commenting on celebrity culture.
In 2013 she made her first documentary for Unreported World on Channel 4, spending three weeks with the anti-kidnap squad of the Venezuelan police. In 2014 she visited Uganda to film “15 and learning to Speak”.

Maria Zuurmond is a member of the International Centre for Evidence in Disability (ICED), and is currently working on child disability projects in Bangladesh, Kenya, Cameroon and India. She is particularly interested in research which focuses on children and adolescents, use of mixed methods including participatory research tools, and operational research.

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