Audio w/ PPT slides now available!: HIV, Disability and Rehabilitation, June 16


Part of the International Centre for Evidence in Disability Seminar Series:

HIV, Disability and Rehabilitation

Date: June 16th 2016

Audio with Powerpoint slides available: here.


Key speaker: Jill Hanass-Hancock “Understanding the needs and opportunities for rehabilitation in the context of chronic HIV in the new development agenda”

Talks also by:

Hannah Kuper: “HIV and disability – what is the relationship and what is the need?”

Darren Brown: “Addressing the Rehabilitation needs of people living with HIV in the UK”

The presentations will be followed by a panel discussion, and a drinks reception.


Dr Jill Hanass-Hancock is internationally known for her work on HIV and disability, particularly focussing on the South African context. She has produced seminal work on the vulnerability of people living with HIV to disability, their need for rehabilitation, and the inclusion of these concerns within national policies. She is based within the HIV Prevention Unit at the South African Medical Research Council

Dr Hannah Kuper is the co-Director of the International Centre for Evidence in Disability at LSHTM. She is an epidemiologist, and conducts a range of research investigating the prevalence and impact of disability.

Darren Brown is a specialist physiotherapist in infectious diseases, oncology & palliative care at Chelsea & Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. He is the vice chair of the UK Rehabilitation in HIV Association (RHIVA) and the HIV/AIDS coordinator of the World Confederation of Physical Therapy (WCPT) network IPT-HOPE.

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