Audio w/ PPT slides now available! Keeping and Finding Families, from 5 November Seminar


“Keeping and Finding Families: inclusive social services for vulnerable young children in Dushanbe, Tajikistan”

Jonathan Watkins, HealthProm

Date: November 5th, 2015

Audio with Powerpoint slides available: here. 

About the Seminar:

Children have the same range of needs wherever they live, but their opportunities for development differ greatly from place to place.  HealthProm is a small international NGO that works to ensure that vulnerable children, even in the most remote and impoverished areas, have the best start in life.  This seminar describes HealthProm’s innovative work with state and non-state actors in Tajikistan, one of the poorest countries in Central Asia, to develop modern, inclusive social services that turn the tide away from institutional care of young children to community support for vulnerable families.

About the Speaker:

Jonathan Watkins is a social worker in international development.  He currently manages HealthProm’s EU-funded work in Tajikistan, and consults with Coram Children’s Legal Centre/UNICEF and the Tanzanian government on developing a Standard National Child Protection training programme.  He teaches part time at London Metropolitan University.

If coming from outside the school, please sign in at reception when you arrive, and a member from the Disability Centre will be waiting in the foyer to accompany you to the theatre.

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Audio with Powerpoint slides available: here. 

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