Teaching on disability is undertaken through lectures and seminars on existing MSc courses, as well as a series of internal and external short courses held at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. 

Courses available at LSHTM that include a focus on Disability and Impairment are:

5 week study unit on Global Disability and Health

We offer a 5 week study unit on Global Disability and Health, running from end Feb-end March (D2). The aim of the module is to familiarize students with the importance of disability in the global context, with a particular focus on aspects relevant to health and on low- and middle-income countries. Teaching is through lectures and practicals, with a range of speakers from both within LSHTM and external (including Diane Kingston, Hasheem Mannan, Joerg Weber and more).

“Definitely the best module I have studied at LSHTM” – MSc student (2015)


We welcome applications on disability for the PhD or DrPH Research Degree Programme at LSHTM.

Here is what current doctoral students have to say about ICED:

“ICED represents a rich and diverse collaboration, with disability and the quest for equality, as the foundation for its innovative and practical based research activities. At doctoral level, a great environment from which to learn and contribute!” – Mark (DrPh student) 

Whilst looking for an institution to study a research degree and take my career to the next level, LSHTM stood out thanks to the International Centre for Evidence on Disability. It said to me that the school is at the forefront of both existing and emerging trends in global health – most other leading global health universities do not seem to have caught on to the great need for research and study in this field” – Antony (DrPh student) 



  • Diploma Course in Community Eye Health – on hiatus

Short Courses:

Study Unit Modules:Young girl with an intellectul impairment with her grandmother

Eye Related Modules:

Lectures on disability are included in the following MSc courses: Tropical Medicine and International Health, Global Mental Health, and Public Health for Eye Care, and in the Diploma in Tropical Nursing. In addition, ICED provides support to MSc students undertaking their summer dissertation. Each year more than ten LSHTM MSc students are undertaking dissertations focusing on disability. 

 “I was attracted to the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine by the content of the work and research being conducted by the International Centre on Evidence in Disability (ICED) which I have been subscribing to since its inception.” – Israel (MSc student with a disability)

A full list of courses offered at LSHTM is available online



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