Database of Social Protection & Disability in Asia-Pacific & Africa

In 2015, a review was undertaken of social protection programmes to identify those that were either disability targeted or had some element of disability inclusion within their design. The review covered social assistance, social insurance and labour market programmes in Asia-Pacific and in Africa, and used a two-stage process:

– In the first stage, countries were screened for inclusion, using set criteria (e.g. population size, social protection coverage, presence of formal social security disability benefits). 

– In the second stage, programmes in countries selected were identified using regional and global social protection databases and other key sources, such as State Party Reports to the Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. 

Data was extracted based upon a standardised set of themes and sub-themes, including both general programme information and disabilty specific data (name and type of programme, benefits provided, number of beneficiaries with disabilities etc). 

The full database is available here.

This work was funded by DFAT.

This database may be accessed via the LSHTM Data Compass (Research Data Repository) Here

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