2016 International Symposium – Disability SDG’s – 18-19 February, 2016

2016 International Symposium – Disability SDG’s

Welcome to the official 2016 International Symposium Disability in the SDGs: Forming Alliances and Building Evidence for the 2030 Agenda, hosted by the International Centre for Evidence in Disability (ICED), London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, together with CBM, Sightsavers, the International Committee of the Red Cross and Handicap International links, abstracts, poster presentations, plenary and workshop recordings and photos.


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Photos from the 2 Day Symposium:

Click here to view photos from the 2016 International Symposium!

A massive thank you to Nigel Kingston & Jackie Lee for taking photos!

Download FINAL Call to Action – PDF

Please download FINAL Call to Action document. Finalised 19 April, 2016.

Plenary & Workshop Recordings:

Please download official timetable to follow with the recordings/powerpoint presentations.

  1. 18 February

  1. 19 February


The following abstracts are organised by sessions. They are all available in PDF for viewing, downloading and printing. Please refer to the Symposium Timetable for guidance.

Abstracts are organised by – Surname followed by title of abstract.

Plenary Sessions:

  1. Plenary sessions:


Thursday AM – Session 1:

  1. Humanitarian Response
  2. Access to health and rehabilitation
  3. Poverty
  4. Disability Measurement: child

Thursday PM – Session 2:

  1. Access to sexual and reproductive health
  2. Education
  3. Community Based Rehab

Friday AM – Session 3:

  1. Social Protection / Livelihoods
  2. Violence
  3. Inclusion measurement and promotion
  4. Club Foot

Poster Presentations:

The following poster presentations are organised by Surname.

  1. Adjei Inclusion of WWD in SRH in Ghana
  2. Badu Barriers to accessing healthcare in Ghana
  3. Battisti Inlusion of children with disabilities in Italy
  4. Bright Measuring HI prevalancee in population based surveys
  5. Crump HIV and deaf youth programme
  6. Dadun et al SARI Leprosy Project SL
  7. de Gaay Fortman Inspire2Care
  8. Douglas Employers Perspectives of Disability in Ghana
  9. Dwomo attitudes of teachers towards inclusive education in Ghana
  10. Essien Inclusive School Assessment Ghana
  11. Ferrite Newborn Hearing Screening in Brazil
  12. Frizzel Rehab in Pakistan
  13. Ghataure Cost Effectiveness of PEEK in Kenya
  14. Ghetrude Support Services for the deaf Ghana
  15. Gregorius access to health for CWD in Ghana
  16. Gyamfi Vocational Training in Ghana
  17. Hagan Accessibility of Schools in Kenya
  18. Hiscock disability and ageing
  19. Irazabal sexual and reproductive health access in Uraguay
  20. Israel access to repro services in Nigeria
  21. James K social protection Ghana
  22. Jenkinson Social Inclusion of children with disabilities in Uganda
  23. Khanum attitudes of young people with disabilities in Pakistan
  24. Kiel Monitoring Inclusion
  25. Kingston Synergies CRPD and SDGs
  26. Kramer-Ray Occ therapy in inclusive education in Pakistan
  27. Lindoewood use of APT for children with CP in Kenya
  28. Mahadevan Barriers to Inclusive Education in India
  29. McGeown Best Practice in Disability Programmes
  30. Mustarde Alternatives to Institutionalisation in Tajikistan
  31. Opuku Peprah Participaption of PWD in Cameroon
  32. Owusu Ghana Disability Law
  33. OWUSU-APPIAH Disability Studies in Ghana
  34. Peters Leprosy Stigma
  35. Ryan Measuring Mental Health Lessons from Nigeria
  36. Schmidt disability inclusion in academic studies
  37. Siddiqui Use of IT to assist learners with disabilities
  38. Silwimba Polio survivors and SDGs
  39. Thompson Disability and Eye Health in Mozambique
  40. Usmani and Becker MHIN alliances
  41. Van Veen and Olshanska Story Telling as Instrument of Inclusion
  42. Votruba Mental Health and SDGs in Uganda
  43. Wilhelmina Disability Studies in Ghana
  44. Zuurmond Mixed Methods Baseline study
  45. Van Brakel Reducing disability-related stigma and discrimination

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