ICED Newsletter: July 2017

Dear all,

Happy 4th of July!

We are delighted that the special issue of the Disability in the Global South journal is out – focusing on Disability and the SDGs, and edited by ICED and Shaun Grech. Read Here This issue follows-on from our 2016 Symposium on the same topic, and includes reflections on disability in relation to poverty, health, education and other SDG targets.

Starting this month, there is a new section in this newsletter called “Focus on…” where a different area of our work will be introduced. This month, it describes the hearing-related activities at ICED to celebrate the adoption by the World Health Assembly of a new resolution on the prevention of hearing loss. Read Resolution Here

Last week, I recorded a podcast together with Margo Greenwood from Sightsavers for the London International Development Centre (LIDC) on “How can we ensure the needs of people with disabilities are met in development?”. Listen Here  (19 minutes long).

We had two fantastic seminars last month. Stephen Kidd (Development Pathways) and Morgon Banks (ICED) spoke about Social Protection and Disability. Sophie Mitra (Fordham University) presented on Disability, Health and Human Development. We also held a workshop on “Adolescents and young people living with a disability or chronic conditions … sharing research experiences”, as we are about to embark on a participatory research project focusing on adolescents with disabilities in Nepal. For those of you who were not able to join us, the audio and slides are available on our website for these and previous seminars. We are now pausing our seminar programme over the summer, and look forward to launching the next round of seminars in September.

Congratulations to Mark Spreckley for passing his doctoral upgrade for his research on the impact of hearing impairment and hearing aids in people’s lives in Guatemala. A great achievement!

Thank you also to Ade Adepitan, for visiting LSHTM and talking about disability and polio eradication and for testing his attractiveness to mosquitoes!

Best wishes,

Hannah Kuper
International Centre for Evidence in Disability, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

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Publications and Presentations

The special issue of the Disability in the Global South journal is out – focusing on Disability and the SDGs, edited by Hannah Kuper and Shaun Grech. Read Here It includes an editorial by Hannah and Shaun “Disability and the SDGs: is the battle over?” and an article by ICED’s Goli Hashemi, Hannah Kuper and Mary Wickenden (UCL) on “SDGs, Inclusive Health, and the path to Universal Health Coverage”. Other articles discuss:

  • Inclusive education in Fiji (Sprunt et al),
  • Social protection and disability at the World Bank (Karr et al),
  • Community-based participatory research (Greendwood),
  • Measurement of Disability and Inclusion (Madans et al), and
  • The Link between the SDGs and CRPD (Kingston)

Please read and circulate widely!

Sarah Polack, Islay Mactaggart and colleagues published “The National Survey of Disability in Guatemala 2016: A Case Study on the Use of Population-based Survey Data to Monitor Inclusive Progress towards the SDGs” for the SDG Knowledge Hub. Read Here The article presents the results of the national survey, showing that disability is common and impacts in at least four areas of the SDGs.

Yasmene Alavi – while at ICED – worked on “Community Action Research in Disability (CARD): an inclusive research programme in Uganda”, now published  Read Here The paper considers 12 different examples of participatory research and reflects on key lessons learnt through the process.

The South Asian Water Studies Journal has a special issue on Water Justice, Gender and Disability. Read Here This issue includes a book review by Hannah Kuper on “Disability and Disaster; Explorations and Exchanges” a book edited by Kleman and Stough. Read Here

And here is the link again to the podcast on “How can we ensure the needs of people with disabilities are met in development?”. Listen Here  (19 minutes long).

Focus On: Hearing-related activities at ICED

We are delighted that World Health Assembly adopted a new resolution on the prevention of hearing loss. Read Here Hearing loss affects approximately 360 million people worldwide, including 32 million children.

At ICED, we are involved in a range of activities to improve the evidence base on the prevalence and impact of hearing loss and help plan better treatment and rehabilitation services.

This includes conducting research:

  • Few surveys or hearing loss have been conducted globally, especially in Africa. We are working with WHO to develop a rapid survey method to generate more data quickly and at low cost.
  • We have conducted studies in Guatemala, India and Cameroon to show the impact that hearing loss has in people’s lives, and in Guatemala we have demonstrated the positive effect of hearing aids on mental health and quality of life.
  • We are working with partners in Malawi to find the best ways of overcoming barriers and linking children with hearing loss to services.

We also work to positively influence policy and practice.

  • We run a one week course called “Public Health Planning for Hearing Impairment”, which is held at 9 locations around the world.
  • We publish the Community Ear and Hearing Health Journal (CEHHJ), a free publication which aims to promote ear and hearing health in low-middle income countries, by facilitating continuing education for all levels of ear and hearing Health Worker. Read Here

Go to our website to find out more about our hearing-related activities: Read Here

Upcoming Seminars and Events at LSHTM

We are taking a break over the summer, and will launch the ICED Disability Seminar Series 2017 – 2018 in September. In the meantime, you can find audio with power-point of past seminars available on our  website

Other News

The Getting to Know Cerebral Palsy manual aims to support carers in low and middle income countries. It is currently available in English, Spanish, French, and Bangla. It will now be translated into Arabic with support from the international Red Cross committee. Find the manual here: Find the Manual Here

Our colleagues at Initiative 5% are seeking an epidemiologist for a 6 month role on disability and HIV in Burundi. They must be fluent in French. Further Information Here

Work Experience Programme at ICED

We have launched our work experience programme for people with disabilities seeking experience in research. Please contact us if you would like to find out more about joining our team in this capacity: .

Upcoming Conferences

  • Global Disability Innovation Summit. London, UK, 13-14 July, 2017.  Read Here
  • Second International Developmental Pediatrics Association Congress. Mumbai, India, 7-10 December 2017. Read Here

We are making every effort to make all our research findings widely available, and have launched a Resource Webpage where you can find our key reports and manuals. Resource Website Here

Have you seen this?

This is really lovely – the Cbeebies trailer shows children talking about differences. Only 2 minutes long: Watch Here

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