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Professor Andrew Smith
Dr Ian MacKenzie
Professor Valerie E Newton
Dr Tony Sirimanna

Dr Paddy Ricard Editor
Dr Jose M Acuin Regional Consultant
Joanna Jeremy Editorial Assistant


Community Ear and Hearing Health is a publication to promote good ear and hearing health in low and middle-income countries.  It facilitates continuing education for all levels of health worker providing a forum for exchange of ideas, experience and information in order to encourage improvements in the delivery of ear and hearing care and rehabilitation.  Community Ear and Hearing Health is published annually and delivered to almost 4,000 healthcare providers worldwide.  Some issues have been translated into French and Spanish.

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Other Editions of the Community Ear & Hearing Health:

International (English) Edition

LATEST ISSUE: Issue No. 19 (2018) Hearing aid systems in low-resource settings

Hearing aid systems in low-resource settings –  Bradley McPherson (P1)

How hearing aids work and how to take care of them – Seema Rupani Shah, Valerie E Newton (P3)

The impact of hearing aid use in low- and middle-income countries – Mark Spreckley, Tess Bright (P6)

Barriers to the use of hearing aid systems in low- and middle-income countries  – Andrew Smith (P7)

Beyond devices: what to consider when providing hearing aids in LMICs – Diego J Santana-Hernández, Robbert J H Ensink (P9)

Improving access to hearing care and hearing rehabilitation in the Philippines – Hubert Ramos, Benedict Baguyo, Norberto Martinez (P11)

Poster: Tips to take care of your hearing aids (P12)


Issue No. 18 (2017) Focus: Ear and Hearing Health in Schools 

Ear and Hearing Health in Schools – Siân Tesni (P1)

Public Health Interventions in Schools for Ear & Hearing Health – Andrew Smith and Diego J Santana-Hernández (P2)

What teachers need to know about the impact of ear disease and hearing loss on children’s learning and development – Wendy McCracken, Valerie Newton, Paddy Ricard and Siân Tesni (P5)

What teachers can do in a classroom to improve ear and hearing health  – Siân Tesni and Nassozi B Kiyaga (P7)

Communicating with schoolchildren’s parents about ear and hearing health – Patricia Castellanos de Muñoz (P10)

Poster: Signs of ear disease and hearing loss that teachers can look out for in school children (P12)

Issue No. 17 (2016) Common ear conditions underdiagnosed at primary level


  • Common ear conditions underdiagnosed at primary level – Isaac M Macharia (P1)
  • Otoscopy: some suggestions on correct technique – Graeme Copley & Chris Prescott (P3)
  • Managing cerumen at primary healthcare level – Wakisa Mulwafu (P6)
  • Foreign bodies in the ear canal: identification and management at primary level – Diego J Santana-Hernández (P8)
  • Identification of otitis media with effusion by primary health workers – Franco Louie LB Abes & Jose M Acuin (P10)


Three common conditions that matter at primary healthcare level (P12)

Issue No. 16 (2015) Testing small children’s hearing with little or no equipment


  • Testing small children’s hearing with little or no equipment – Kristina Valencia (P1)
  • How newborn and infant carers can enable early detection of hearing loss – Diego J Santana-Hernandez (P3)
  • Informal assessment of behaviour as an indicator of hearing difficulties – Jackie Clark (P5)
  • The distraction test for checking hearing in a low-resource setting – Frances Tweedy (P7)
  • Performance test of hearing in a low-resource setting – Valeria E Newton (P10)

Suspecting hearing loss in early childhood (P12)

Issue No. 15 (2014) Early detection of hearing loss in newborn and preschool children


  • Early detection of hearing loss in newborn and preschool children – Adrian Davis and Gwen Carr (p.1)
  • Early detection of hearing loss: overcoming challenges in resource poor settings – Diego J Santana-Hernandez (p.2)
  • Early detection of hearing loss: an overview of methods and resources – Tony Sirimanna and Bolajoko Olusanya (p.4)
  • Planning for a hearing screening programme in neonates and infants – Shelly Chadha (p.8)

Early detection enables early management of hearing loss (p.12)


Issue No. 14 (2014) Living with hearing impairment


  • Living with hearing impairment – Sally Harvest (P1)
  • Being the parent of a child with hearing impairment – Sue Bright and Heide Beinhauer (P2)
  • Going to school with a hearing impairment – Sian Tesni (P4)
  • Finding employment when you have a hearing impairment – Rebecca Reynolds and Valerie E Newton (P6)
  • Living in the Community with a hearing impairment – Valerie E Newton and Sally Harvest (P9)
  • Including people who have a hearing impairment – Paddy Ricard (P11)
  • Pakistan (P5)
  • Niger (P7)
  • Pakistan (P8)
  • Philippines (P9)
  • Togo (P10)
We can communicate better (P12)


Issue No. 13 (2013) Increasing community awareness of ear and hearing health

  • What health workers need to know to raise awareness about ear and hearing health – Robin Youngs (P2)
  • Raising awareness to empower communities to take action (P4)
  • Key messages to raise awareness of ear and hearing health in the community – Diego J Santana-Hernandez (P6)
  • West Nepal (P8)
  • Canada (P9)
  • Namibia (P10)
OBITUARY: Dr Piet van Hasselt (P10)
The effect of noise on hearing (P11)
How to take care of your ears (P12)
Issue No. 12 (2012) Addressing ear and hearing problems at primary level


  • Common ear and hearing complaints: tips for assessment at primary level – Padman Ratnesar (P3)
  • Primary care of the external ear – Padman Ratnesar, Ian MacKenzia (P5)
  • Conditions affecting the middle ear: what to do at primary level – Diego J Santana-Hernandez, Padman Ratnesar, Paddy Ricard (P6)
  • How to refer a patient: practical tips – Andrew Smith (P9)
  • Improving communication with patients who have a hearing problem – Valerie E Newton, Seema Rupani Shah P(10)


‘Red flag’ situations at rpimary level P(12)

Issue No. 11 (2011) Projects in the Philippines


  • Sound Hearing 2030 in India- Arun K Agarwal, Shelly Khanna Chadha  (P3)
  • Tuning Fork Tests – Omondi Dickens (P6)


Auditory Steady-State Response. Gary Rance (Reviewed by Hillel Pratt) P(9)

Issue No.10 (2010) Less noisy cities


  • How Much Hearing Loss is Caused by Noise? -Robert A Dobie P(3)
  • Hearing Protectors– Alberto Behar (P4)
  • Pharmacological Protection of NIHL-Donald Henderson, Chiemi Tanaka (P7)


Digital Hearing Aids (Reviewed by Ron Brouillette). James M Kates P(9)

Issue No. 9 (2009) Noise: an ubiquitous pollutant


  • The Risk of Hearing Loss in Young Adults-Thais C Morata P(2)
  • Preventing Noise Induced Hearing Loss in Future Generations-Gael Hannan P(4)
  • Cardiovascular Risk due to Community Noise Stress- Wolfgang Babisch.
  • Noise Annoyance: A Preview of Research Conducted at Health Canada’s Acoustic Division-David S Michaud, Stephen E Keith P(8)
  • Brazil’s National Immunisation Campaign for the Elimination of Rubella-Ministry of Health, Brazil, Beatriz C Warth Raymann P(10)


Audiology in the USA (Reviewed by Hossam Sanyelbhaa Talaat). J Jerger (Ed) P(11)

Issue No.8 (2008) Tinnitus: a common and manageable complaint


  • Dizziness- Ian Mackenzie P(19)
  • Tinnitus: How You Can Help Yourself! (overview for the professional)-Richard S Tyler, Son-A Chang, Anne Gehringer, Stephanie Gogel P(22)
  • Tinnitus: How You Can Help Yourself! (pull-out for the patient) -Richard S Tyler, Son-A Chang, Anne Gehringer, Stephanie Gogel P(23)
  • Update on Presbyacusis -James Keir P(27)


Tinnitus Source Readings (1841-1980) (Reviewed by Bolajoko O Olusanya) Robert T Sataloff, Dimiter I Dentchev, Mary J Hawshaw (Eds.) P(21)

Issue No.7 (2008) Screening for hearing impairment


  • A Two Year Study of Factors Contributing to Hearing Loss in Mozambique- Jackie L Clark P(3)
  • Screening for Hearing Impairment in Oman-Mazin Jawad J Al Khabori P(6)
  • National Newborn Hearing Screening in Mexico- Pedro Berruecos P(8)
  • Hearing Impairment and Newborn Screening in Costa Rica-Juan J Madriz P(11)


  • Tinnitus Retraining Therapy: Clinical Guidelines (Review by Afaf Bamanie) James A Henry, Dennis R Trune, Michael J A Robb, Pawel J Jastreboff (P13)
  • Tinnitus: Source Readings (1841-1980). (Review by Bolajoko O Olusanya). Robert T Sataloff, Dimiter I Dentchev, Mary J Hawshaw.

Issue No.6(2007)  Chronic suppurative otitis media: a disease still waiting for solutions


  • Chronic Suppurative Otitis Media -Piet van Hasselt P(19)
  • Prevention and Management of Chronic Suppurative Otitis Media in Aboriginal Children: A Practical Approach-Peter S Morris, Amanda J Leach P(22)
  • Promoting a Global Health Agenda for Permanent Childhood Hearing Impairment-Bolajoko O Olusanya, Valerie E Newton P(25)
  • Ear and Hearing Care Community Based Studies by the Philippine Academy of Neurotology, Otology and Audiology (PANOA)- Christopher M E Calaquian, Charlotte M Chiong P(28)


Handbook of (Central) Auditory Processing Disorder: Volumes 1 & 2. (Frank E Musiek & Gail D Chermak, Eds.). Review by Bradley McPherson (P30)

Issue No.5 (2007) Rehabilitation of the deaf and hard of hearing


  • Hearing (Re)Habilitation- Maria Cecilia Bevilacqua, Beatriz C W Raymann P(3)
  • Intervention for the Hearing Impaired Children in Hearing Health Programmes in Brazil-Beatriz de Castro A Mendes, Beatriz Caiuby Novaes.P(5)
  • Parents Involvement in the Auditory Habilitation/Rehabilitation Process in Hearing Aid and/or Cochlear Implant Users-Patricia Castellanos de Munoz, Sandra Elizabeth Sosa Martinez P(7)
  • Education of Deaf Children: A Choice of Paradigms-Rosane Vargas P(8)
  • Challenges in Providing Family Centred Early Years Support for Deaf Children and their Families- Wendy McCracken P(10)
  • WWHearing-Andrew W Smith P(12)

Issue No. 4 (2006) Deafness caused by ototoxicity in developing countries


  • Solvent Exposure at the Workplace: Workers’ Hearing in Jeopardy-Adrian Fuente P(22)
  • Ototoxicity: A Canadian View-Peter W Alberti (P24)
  • Molecular Diagnosis of Mitochondrial Genes: Early Detection and Prevention of Aminoglycoside Ototoxicity- Min-Xin Guan (P25)


  • The Need of a Programme for the Prevention of Hearing Impairment in Beni State-Bolivia. Diego J Santana-Hernández P(28)
  • Atfaluna News Update- Geraldine Shawa P(30)

Issue No.3 (2006) Congenital infections and hearing impairment


  • Congenital Infections and Hearing Impairment –Pam Vallely (P2)
  • Hearing Loss in Malawian Children after Bacterial Meningitis- Elizabeth M Molyneux (P5)
  • Measles, Mumps and Hearing Loss in Developing Countries- Bolajoko Olusanya (P7)
  • Congenital Rubella Syndrome –Susan E Robertson (P9)
  • The Causes of Hearing Loss in HIV infection-Philippa J Newton (P1)
  • Malaria and Deafness-Ian J Mackenzie (P14)

Issue No.2 (2005) Current practice for ear syringing


Development of the Primary Ear & Hearing Care Training Resource-Sally Harvest P(2)


  • An Audiological Rehabilitation Programme for the Elderly in Brazil-Iêda Chaves Pacheco Russo (P7)
  • Audiology Services in Cambodia -Glyn Vaughan (P9)

Issue No.1 (2004) Congenital deafness in developing countries


WWHearing: World-Wide Hearing Care for Developing Countries (P12)


  • Early Detection of Hearing Impairment- Valerie E Newton(P4)
  • Management of Otitis Media in a Developing Country -Jose M Acuin(P6)
  • Training for Primary and Advanced Ear and Hearing Care- Piet van Hasselt (P8)
  • Providing Educational Services for Children with Hearing Impairment– Beatriz C Warth Raymann (P10)


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