Getting to Know Cerebral Palsy

Working with parent groups – a training resource for facilitators, parents, caregivers, and persons with cerebral palsy

Getting to know Cerebral Palsy

This manual aims to increase knowledge and skills in caring for a child with cerebral palsy. Research highlighted the significant needs of the caregivers, and how they can gain a huge amount of support from meeting with each other in an understanding environment.

It promotes a participatory learning approach with an emphasis on working with groups and the empowerment of parents and caregivers.

“Before, my family and people in my community used to say ‘this child’s suffering is a result of parent’s sin’. After taking the training I have explained what causes cerebral palsy to others. Now, no-one says anything like this.” – Parent, Sirajganj, Bangladesh

The manual is available to download for free from this page in English, Spanish and French. A Chichewa (Malawi) version is also ready for sharing and the manual is being translated in a variety of other languages through the online community “Working in the community with children with cerebral palsy“.

A background paper on the quality of life of caregivers of children with disabilities in Bangladesh has also been published by the ICED team titled: “Understanding the Lives of Caregivers of Children with Cerebral Palsy in rural Bangladesh: Use of Mixed Methods

Download “Getting to know cerebral palsy” in English, Spanish, French and Arabic

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Front cover of the manual, "Getting to know cerebral palsy"

Download “Getting to know cerebral palsy” in English

Download high quality versions of each module:

Download display materials to accompany the training materials. We recommend that you print these out and laminate them.

Download “Familiarizándonos con la Parálisis Cerebral” in Spanish

Download display materials:

Download “Apprendre a connaitre la Paralysie Cerebrale” in French

Download high quality versions of each module:

French translations provided by Light for the World.

Download “Getting to know cerebral palsy” in Arabic

Arabic translations provided by International Committee of the Red Cross.

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“Working in the community with children with cerebral palsy” is a new online community that aims to support practitioners share their learning and experiences around the parent training manual. Members can share questions and perspectives, news items and resources with each via email or through a community website.

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