Hannah Kuper

Director of the International Centre for Evidence in Disability and Professor of Epidemiology focussing on quantitative methods in research on disability. 

ICED Steering Committee

  • Allen Foster, Professor, LSHTM
  • Dorothy Boggs, MARCH, LSHTM
  • Alex Cohen, Centre for Global Mental Health, LSHTM
  • Allen Foster, Co-director of ICEH and ICED, LSHTM
  • Clare Gilbert, Co-director of ICEH, LSHTM
  • Pierre Gallien, Handicap International
  • James Hargreaves, Director of Centre for Evaluation, LSHTM
  • Sally Hartley, Emeritus Professor, University of East Anglia
  • Hannah Kuper, Reader, Co-director of ICED, LSHTM
  • Diane Kingston, Deputy Director of IAA, CBM International
  • Juliet Milgate, Sightsavers International
  • Christiane Noe, CBM
  • Babar Qureshi, Regional Director, CBM UK
  • Andrew Smith, Worldwide Hearing and LSHTM
  • Ossie Stuart, Independent Disability Consultant
  • Cally Tann, MARCH, LSHTM

ICED Team 

ICED Researchers

ICED Doctoral Students 

  • Tracey Smythe
  • Phil Sheppard
  • Goli Hashemi
  • Tim O’Fallon
  • Mark Spreckley
  • David Musendo

ICED Support 

Joining us as a Member of ICED:

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