Representation and Evaluation of Disability in Haiti

Port-au-Prince, 2012

Representation and evaluation of disability in Haiti - cover

The three specific objectives of the population-based survey of disability in Haiti were to:

  1. Provide statistically reliable data on disability and people with disabilities in Port-auPrince (prevalence, reported causes, profile of people with disabilities identified)
  2. Provide a snapshot of the situation for people with disabilities and compare it to a control group without disabilities in order to reveal restrictions on participation and barriers that specifically affect the study population (family environment, living standards, education, employment and health)
  3. Investigate from a qualitative perspective people with disabilities’ difficulties in terms of inclusion, access and social participation. Location The study was carried out in 2012 in 5 districts from the Port-au-Prince metropolitan area: Carrefour, Delmas, Pétionville, Tabarre and Port-au-Prince

You can download the full report (in PDF) below:

Representation and evaluation of disability in Haiti (Port-au-Prince, 2012) – Full Report

A journal article was also published following the findings of the study:

Disability in post-earthquake Haiti: prevalence and inequality in access to services. Danquah L, Polack S, Brus A, Mactaggart I, Houdon CP, Senia P, Gallien P, Kuper H. Disabil Rehabil. 2014 Sep 2:1-8.

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