Guatemala National Disability Study ENDIS 2016 Reports


ICED is extremely excited to launch the results of the Guatemala National Disability Study (ENDIS 2016), funded by CBM Latin America, UNICEF Guatemala and the Guatemala National Council on Disability (CONADI).

Please find Alt-Tagged PDF versions of the reports below and please contact us on if you require a WORD version of the documents for better accessibility.


* Main Report

* Summary Report 

* Qualitative Report 

*Findings & Implications Seminar Recording (4 May 2017)



* Main Report [please email  for a copy as this file is too large to upload]

* Qualitative Report

About this study:

Disability disaggregated population data and understanding the lived situation for people with disabilities is important for informing and motivating evidence based advocacy, policy and service planning. The Guatemala National Disability Study (ENDIS 2016) was undertaken to address a need for up to date reliable data on disability in Guatemala.

Through a population based survey:

* To estimate the national disability prevalence among adults and children in Guatemala, and to provide regional estimates for 5 broad regions

* To disaggregate the prevalence of disability in Guatemala by age, sex, type of functional limitation and socio-economic status

* To explore the impact of disability on: poverty, quality of life, participation, health and opportunities to go to school and to work amongst children and adults respectively

Through a qualitative study:

* To explore cultural, ideological, and social interpretations and responses to disability; provide insight into the disability and poverty relationship; and examine social, political, and economic dimensions operating within this relationship.

Project Investigators:

* Sarah Polack, Islay Mactaggart and Jonathan Naber – International Centre for Evidence in Disability, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

* Dr. Carlos Dionicio, Conadi

* Dr. Shaun Grech ,Director, The Critical Institute

* Dr. Ana Rafaela Salazar de Barrios, University of San Carlos, Guatemala

* Gonna Rota, CBM

For further information related to this study, please contact the study’s coordinator, Islay Mactaggart ()

For press inquiries, please contact the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine press office: +44 (0) 207 927 2802 or

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