Undoing Inequity: Inclusive WASH Programmes

Undoing Inequity: Inclusive water, sanitation and hygiene programmes that deliver to all in Uganda and Zambia

Mid-term Review Reports Now Available!


WASH ZambiaThe Undoing Inequity Intervention seeks to build an evidence base on common environmental, attitudinal and institutional barriers to accessing water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) faced by vulnerable individuals in Uganda and Zambia. The intervention comprised three components, namely water technologies involving the construction of new and rehabilitated boreholes in schools and communities, sanitation in the form of latrine promotion, and hygiene approaches.

A mid-term review of the was undertaken in both the Mwanza West Ward, Monze (Southern Province) of Zambia and in the Amuria and Katakwi districts of Uganda in 2014 to assess the early impacts of the intervention and to test and refine the baseline data-collection tools for the project evaluation in 2016.

WASH ReportThe review was led by Dr Lisa Danquah, a researcher from the International Centre for Evidence in Disability based at the LSHTM on behalf of WaterAid UK in collaboration with project collaborators including WEDC at Loughborough University, WAZ and DAPP and local government. This research was funded by SHARE through funding received by UK aid from DFID.

The two mid-term reports are available through the following links:

For more information on the study and intervention please contact Lisa Danquah at .


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